Health Programs

Project KNOW (Knowledge for Newcomer Women)

Project KNOW (Knowledge for Newcomer Women) is funded by Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The project is a breast cancer awareness and screening program directed at the refugee, asylee, and immigrant populations in the DC Metro area.

Project KNOW has three goals:

1. Empower a dedicated group of women (VIPs) to raise awareness about breast health, while teaching them to take better care of themselves and their communities. These VIPs will serve as peer health educators for participants of our breast health workshops.

2. Raise awareness within metropolitan Washington, D.C.’s refugee and immigrant communites about the importance of obtaining breast cancer screening and treatment by distributing information and offering linguistic and cultural support to newcomer women.

3. Provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services to newcomer women to facilitate improved access to breast cancer screening and treatment services. Participants will be transported to and from our partner facilities in Virginia and Maryland by ECDC staff to receive proper breast screening.


Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth (VFHY) PROJECT (MAMBO)

ECDC/ACC’s MAMBO Program is made possible by funding from the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth.  The program compendium, Life Skills Training, is a state and nationally recognized program which promotes Health and Personal Development. It teaches youth the importance of high self-esteem, good decisions, stress relief, and communication skills so that they may have healthy relationships with their peers. It also exposes them to the real world, teaching them about the dangers of smoking and the deception of advertisements.

The program has eight lessons and is offered to students free of charge at community centers and after school programs in northern Virginia. We encourage parents to come and observe while class is in session.