The resettlement program of ACC DC Metro is comprised of two main components.


1. Reception and Placement (R&P) Program

At our Silver Spring office, we provide reception and placement services to newly arrived refugees. We ensure that they receive guidance and support throughout their first few months. In order to ease their transition, our staff and volunteers provide basic services, including welcoming refugees at the airport; providing housing, furniture, food, clothing, and supplies; and assisting them in school enrollment, English language classes, employment, health screenings, and other public services. This critical support helps clients become self-sufficient members in the community. 


2. Public Private Partnership (PPP) Program

PPP is funded by the Maryland Department of Human Resources to provide direct cash assistance to single refugees and asylees and childless couples. These services are provided to refugees and asylees during their first 8 months either after arriving as refugees or after being granted asylum status. This program is only implemented in our Silver Spring office for eligible clients in Prince George and Montgomery Counties.