Volunteer at ACC DC-Metro

Volunteer opportunities are available at both our Arlington and Silver Spring offices.

Why Volunteer with ACC?

Volunteering in refugee resettlement is an extremely unique and rewarding experience. You can meet people from all over the world without even leaving the DC Metro area! Volunteers positively impact the lives of those who need help and frequently form long lasting friendships with clients.

When Can I Volunteer?

At ACC, we greatly value our volunteers and everything they do for clients. We appreciate any time you can give. We accept regular volunteers as well as those looking to help one time or just for special events. See below for locations and times of our volunteer opportunities.

What Can I Do as a Volunteer?

ACC has a variety of volunteer programs:


First Friends – By far, our most popular volunteer opportunity. You will be matched with a refugee or asylee family and act as a guide or mentor. These clients may need help looking for jobs, practicing English, learning public transportation, getting acquainted with American culture, becoming comfortable with their new community, or having homework assistance for their kids. The First Friends program can be done anytime, including weekends. Most clients live in Maryland.


Case Management – We are always looking for volunteers to help our case managers! You could be setting up apartments, taking clients to appointments (e.g. school enrollment, social security office, health screening, etc.), or organizing case files amongst other activities. The case management program can be done during regular business hours at our Silver Spring office.


Employment – Finding jobs for refugees and asylees is a very fulfilling experience. With employment, you can help clients fill out job applications, practice interviewing, revise resumes, or even connect with potential employers. The employment program can be done during regular business hours at the Silver Spring office.


Events – Volunteers are welcome at our events! Some of the events for which we always need help include Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Party, and World Refugee Day. We can also accommodate large groups for one time volunteering events for our donation room at our Arlington office.


Client Service – Another opportunity in the Arlington office is with our Client Service Coordinator who assists mainly asylees. ACC looks for volunteers who can help manage a client resource directory and organize the donation room, in addition to other tasks.


Who Can Volunteer?

Although we highly value language abilities, they are not a must, and we encourage anyone and everyone to apply! We do not have an overall age requirement, but if you are a minor, we will require a parent to sign a consent form in addition to limiting some of the opportunities available.


What Do I Need to Volunteer?

We ask for three items to volunteer:

  1. Information Session – Information Session We require that all volunteers attend an information session. Once a month, on a varied date, we hold a session at our Silver Spring office (8121 Georgia Avenue, Suite 800, Silver Spring, MD) at 6:30 pm. For the specific date this month, please email the volunteer coordinator (volunteer@ecdcus.org). Every third Wednesday of the month, we hold a session at our Arlington office (901 S. Highland St. Arlington, VA) at 6PM. All sessions last for about one hour. If these times are not convenient for you, information sessions can also be arranged by appointment during regular business hours at our Arlington location.

  2. Volunteer Application – This asks for general information and a signed confidentiality agreement. The application can be completed at the information session.

  3. Copy of a Background Check – We accept copies from either your local police station or an accredited background check service like Global Investigative Services (http://www.gispi.com/). If you live in Maryland, we suggest using an accredited service. For DC and Virginia residents, we recommend using either. If you are getting your background check at a police station, we highly advise you to call ahead of time to verify that it is the correct police station (the one closest to your residence is not necessarily the one for your jurisdiction), needed documents (some police stations ask for one piece of ID, others more), and the fee (fee varies from station to station).


For any questions, please email Here