New Beginnings: Fostering Hope and Resilience for Refugees Rebuilding Their Lives in the DC-Metro

Harnessing the power of community support, we provide comprehensive resettlement services for refugees from around the world. In the heart of the nation's capital, our dedicated team fosters hope and resilience, ensuring a smooth transition into a new chapter of life for newcomers.

Transforming Lives: Our Impact in Numbers


Total Clients

Since 2015, our organization has served over 4,800 newcomers with wraparound services

Annual Newcomer Outlook

In FY2024, our mission continues to grow as we increase our reach to serve more refugees in both Virginia and Maryland.

Total Volunteer Hours*

Driven by the steadfast dedication of our volunteers, our mission is possible through community support. Every hour you give can significantly shape the lives of newcomers in the DC-Metro area. *total number of hours since FY2015

Impact Stories & Updates

Learn more about how lives are impacted through the resettlement work of our Maryland and Virginia offices.

What We Do

We are dedicated to supporting refugees and immigrants from across the globe who have fled violence and persecution, providing them with culturally and linguistically appropriate services. Our work helps them establish a solid foundation from which they can rebuild safe and sustainable lives in the DC metropolitan area. Over the past year, we provided essential assistance to many newcomers, with the highest numbers originating from Afghanistan, Ukraine, Syria, El Salvador, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through our commitment we strive to help all clients become becoming independent, contributing members of their new community.