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Reception and Placement Program

The Reception and Placement Program begins its work before refugees even arrive in the U.S. Once our staff is notified by the Federal Government that a refugee will be settling in our area, we help them fill out all of the paperwork they will need and find them appropriating housing, furnishings for their new apartment, and seasonally appropriate clothing. On the day of their arrival, ECDC staff meets them at the airport and takes them to their new home where we have prepared a culturally appropriate hot meal. After they have settled in, ECDC conducts a cultural orientation to help the newcomers acclimate to American customs and culture. Because most refugees are unable to immediately start working, we provide them with enough direct cash assistance to ensure their financial stability until they can sustain themselves. Next, we provide assistance in setting up required documents like a social security card, support in applying for benefits like food stamps and Medicaid, and help in enrolling them and their children in ESL classes and K-12 education. Our goal is that within 90 days, the refugees we help are well on their way to building safe, sustainable lives in their new home.

James Planinsek

Managing Intern

About ACC DC

The Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) was established in 1983. Currently headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, ECDC was initially formed to focus on the needs of a growing Ethiopian population in the DC Metro area. 

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