Written by: Vionne Dosky

When individuals arrive in the United States, a whirlwind of thoughts consumes their minds, but one concern often looms largest: employment. To sustain the life they had in their home country, they seek the stability of income and the meaning a job can bring. This is where the ACC-DC employment team steps in, becoming a beacon of hope in uncertain times.
Our employment team works closely with each client, meticulously reviewing their work history, educational background, and language skills to pinpoint jobs that are not only meaningful but also supportive. Many of our clients at ACC-DC have families, and they bear the responsibility of not only supporting themselves but also their spouses and children as they navigate a new country.

Our dedicated employment specialists take on a range of responsibilities, from refining client CVs/resumes and guiding them through the job application process to arranging English language classes and covering the costs of driving courses and certifications, along with rent payments where applicable. Amid their varied tasks, one unwavering priority stands out: securing jobs for our clients in a timely manner.

Since 2022, a significant portion of our clients hails from Afghanistan and falls under the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) category. They bring impressive experience from professional-level positions, which, while valuable, can lead to unexpected challenges upon arriving in the United States. Time becomes a pressing concern, as our employment specialists may not always secure professional-level positions immediately. In response, clients are encouraged to accept entry-level roles while keeping their sights set on professional opportunities within their field.

In our effort to support newcomers in finding employment, ACC-DC understands the importance of language skills. Language barriers can be a big challenge for those seeking jobs in a new country. That’s why we offer English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. These classes help improve communication skills and boost confidence in navigating the American job market. By equipping our clients with effective English communication, we improve their chances of finding jobs that match their qualifications, promoting their self-sufficiency and success in their new home.

We understand the frustration that this transitional phase can bring, and we empathize with our clients’ aspirations. ACC-DC often serves as the first support network for newly arrived refugees outside of their families when they land in the United States. Therefore, each department makes it a priority to equip them with the tools they need to achieve self-sufficiency. The employment team is no exception; they work tirelessly around the clock to help clients meet deadlines and offer support in various aspects of their lives.

Our Arlington, VA office is home to a remarkable employment team, composed of individuals who are deeply committed to making a positive impact.

The ACC-DC employment team includes:

Program Manager: Myrah Osmani
Employment Specialists: Najia Hashimzada, Jamal Noori, Mohammad Khalis, Yama Ahmadi, Jean Cyprien, Rachel Tate
Job Developer: Ghazala Wardak
ESL Coordinator: Lia Russell

In conclusion, at ACC-DC, we firmly believe that meaningful employment is not just about earning a paycheck; it’s about rebuilding lives and rediscovering purpose. Our employment team stands ready to walk alongside newcomers on this transformative journey, ensuring they find opportunities that resonate with their passions and aspirations. Through personalized support and unwavering dedication, we empower our clients to flourish in their new home, one meaningful job at a time.

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