Employment & Workforce Training

Our Employment Department provides the tools and resources needed for refugee job-seekers to secure employment and become financially independent.

Our Employment and Workforce Training program is dedicated to helping newly arrived refugees find stable employment and build a strong foundation for their new lives in the United States. We understand that securing meaningful employment is a key step toward self-sufficiency, and we offer a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

From job readiness workshops and resume-building assistance to skills training and job placement support, our program equips refugees with the tools they need to succeed in the American workforce. Whether you’re seeking your first job in the U.S. or looking to enhance your existing skills, we’re here to support your journey to economic self-sufficiency. Our team is committed to empowering you to achieve your career goals and contribute to your community.

All Employment & Workforce Training Programs

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The Matching Grant (MG) Program

Arlington, VA

The MG program—a public/private partnership funded by The Office of Refugee Resettlement—offers an employment-focused alternative to publicly funded cash assistance. The purpose of the MG program is to help eligible clients attain economic self-sufficiency through the provision of comprehensive case management and services leading to employment within 120 to 180 days after a client’s date of eligibility. Enrollment in the MG program must occur within 31 days of the individual’s date of eligibility, and at least one member of the case unit must be deemed ‘employable’.

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Refugee Transitional Cash Assistance (RTCA)

Silver Spring, MD

RTCA, funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement and overseen by the Maryland Office of Refugee Assistance, is available to clients for up to 8 months following their date of eligibility. This cash assistance, coupled with careful case-management, gives clients time to seek employment. The requirements of and benefits available through RTCA are comparable to those of Maryland’s Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) program. However, RTCA is designed to help qualified immigrants without dependent children.

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Refugee Social Services (RSS) Employment Program

Silver Spring, MD and Arlington, VA

The RSS program, overseen by the Virginia and Maryland Office of Refugee Assistance, is designed to enable refugees to achieve economic self-sufficiency as soon as possible by providing job searching logo-grid and tools, advising on employment barriers, and post-employment follow-up. Eligible clients must be 16 or older, be deemed ‘employable,’ need assistance in reaching self-sufficiency, and have resided in the U.S. for 60 months or less. Participants are eligible to remain in the RSS program for up to five years, in which they access employment services including, Job Readiness Training, Financial Literacy Workshops, In-house Job Fairs, In-house ESL classes, Resume and Cover Writing assistance and more.

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