Youth Programs

Our Youth programs serve one of the most vulnerable populations within refugee resettlement, ensuring that children have the tools and resources needed for success in their new schools.

At our Youth and School department, we are dedicated to ensuring that newly arrived children and young adults have a smooth transition into the U.S. education system and a successful start to their academic journey. We understand that this transition can be challenging, so we offer a range of programs to support students of all ages.

For younger students, we provide assistance with school enrollment, school supplies, and academic support. Our team is here to guide parents through the U.S. education system, which may differ from what they are familiar with in their home countries. We also offer tutoring services to help students excel in their studies. Additionally, for youth aged 15-24, we offer mentorship programs to provide guidance, support, and resources to help them navigate their educational and career pathways. Our aim is to empower young newcomers to thrive academically and personally as they build their future in the United States.

All Youth Programs


VRSAP Program

Arlington, VA

The Virginia Refugee School Achievement Program serves refugee populations aged 0-18 years to ensure all children are enrolled in school and have the tools they need to succeed. This program provides school supplies, bilingual parent orientations, tutoring and more.

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Mentorship and Youth (MYVA & RYMP)

Silver Spring, MD and Arlington, VA

The Mentoring Youth Virginia Program (MYVA) and Refugee Youth Mentorship Program (RYMP) in MD empowers refugee youth by providing academic and social support. Program participants are paired with mentors who help them to navigate educational opportunities. Through the mentorship process, youth will demonstrate enhanced self-esteem, communication skills, educational and vocational outcomes. They will also grow to become engaged members of their communities who demonstrate strong relationships with peers, family members and community members. These skills will give our clients a sense of self-sufficiency that will continue beyond the programs’ end.

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MAMBO Program

Arlington, VA

Funded by the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth, the MAMBO program is a Youth Tobacco Prevention Program. Both ACC clients and the community-at-large are served. The program uses the Botvin LifeSkills Training curriculum; weekly, one-hour, interactive lessons delivered over a two month period. Our goal is to protect the youth in our community from the dangers of tobacco use and addiction through education and empowerment.

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